Home Remedies for Fever

If you are fed up from your  fever and want to get rid of its ever increasing pains in your body then you are advisead to consult to a professional for his assistance. But if you believe in nature’s pharmacy  then this article will be beneficial for you. Here you will come to know some  home remedies for ordinary fever.

Fever Symptoms

Increase in body temperature is the most well-known symptom of fever. But there are some other through which it can be diagnosed. A body temperature of 102 F is  believed to be quiet  high. While a severe temperature rise of about  103F to 106F can give rise to Delusion, surliness and confusion. Perspiration, dehydration, cephalic pain, muscle pains, loss of appetency, burn in eyes, overall weakness in body and quivering are some obvious ones.

Remedy for Mild Fever:-

If your body temperature has increased slightly then a complete rest of about 20 minutes is sufficient to bring your body temperature to normal but make sure that you are covered properly. Boil 10 gram  ground powder of raisins and ginger in 200 ml of water. Concentrate it till it reduces to 50 ml. Filter and drink this warm herbal extract .

Below are some extraordinary home remedies for ordinary fever:

– Mix a teaspoon of honey in one cup of apricot juice to quickly improve yourself. This is very useful in bringing body temperature to normal. Take this juice twice a day until your fever totally disappears

– A mixture of one half glass of grapefruit and half cup of chilled water snuffs out your thirst and helps in relieving you from fever.It is adviseable to use it twice a day.

– Drinking a full glass of orange juice or eating whole fruit with pulp two times in a day is known to have great effects in high fever.Orange is full of Vitamin C  which improves immune system of body. By using this medication, you are not far from to enjoy your healthy routine food.

-Get an extract of Bloodwort and drink it two times daily. It will aid you to get rid of  miserable pains that are the outcomes of fever.

– Taking Hog Weed tea two times in a day will restore your condition and will make you physically fit.