Home Remedies for Acidity

Following are some symptoms causes and remedies for acidity

Symptoms of Acidity

Following are the basic acidity symptoms:

– Uneasiness with persisting chokes in the stomach
– Some other symptoms of acidity are sickness and puking
– Some of the times stomach ache is as well experienced
– Acidity burps and release off fart
– Respiratory troubles and cough

Causes of Acidity

Following are the basic acidity reasons:

– Because a few problems in the operation of the gastrointestinal system
– Some of the times immoderate consumption of alcoholic beverage too results to acidity
– Acidity as well grows either by keeping stomach hungry for longer period or cutting breakfast
– Consuming nutrients ample in fats suchlike chocolates also stimulates acidity
– Pregnancy, old age or fleshiness may also grounds acidity
– Consuming junk foods, greasy and peppery foods also contributes to blazing feeling in stomach and chest area and stimulates acidity

Simplest home remedies for acidity

– The easiest of all remedies is to consume a glass of warm water daily, first in the sunrise. Water is considered to nullify acidity.

– If you’re searching a quick relief, consume a bowlful of yogurt. It’s among the most efficacious home remedies for acidity.

– Impart 2 teaspoonfuls apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoonfuls honey to a glass of water. Take this mixture subsequently meals, as it abridges the chances of acidity.

– For masses who are inclined to acidity, consumption of milk or extra dairy products will show to be useful.

Herbal Remedies for Acidity

Following are a few of the useful herbal remedies for acidity:

– Have one tablespoonful of amla along one tablespoonful of haritaki. It is a potent herbal remedy for acidity
– Place haritaki in mouth subsequently your daily meal to have ease from acidity
– You may as well consume jaggery (gur) with hourly basis to have ease from acidity
– Two teaspoon of powderize amla (Indian gooseberry) used up two times a day is also useful in dealing acidity

Home remedy for acidity

– Consuming two tablespoons of Isabgol in milk subsequently every meal is also really healthful in getting rid of acidity
– You may also take coconut oil to bring comfort from acidity

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